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Staffing is the process of hiring eligible candidates for the vacancy positions available in the organization. To ascertain the right talents, the candidates are evaluated by their education, skillset, knowledge, and experience and assessed by conducting various tests or interviews required for the positions to be filled, which would vary depending on the positions specified in the hierarchy chart of the organization.

Direct Hire

A widely adopted recruitment method in staffing, the right talent is directly hired by the client (or) with the support of a recruitment partner.

Demand Hire

On the demand of talents raised by the client, the recruitment partner will deploy the suitable talents to the project of the client for a specific period of time.

Dynamic Hire

The performance based recruitment (C2H) method in which the talent is examined for a specific period through the recruitment partner and then hired by the client.

Workforce Hire

A hassle-free recruitment method in which the recruitment partner will identify and deploy the right talents to the client's project and manage the entire workforce.

Expert Hire

The expert hire (C2C) is a direct contract recruitment in which the recruitment partner will identify a right SME or highly expertised talent who provides the required solutions to complete the project of the client.

Campus Hire

Fresh talents are identified according to the projects or tasks from the heap of freshers of an education institutional premises or universities.

Industry / Domain

BFSI, Information Technology, Automotive, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Health Care, Telecom, Logistics, Real Estate, Retail, etc.,.

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